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29th December 2007

Zimki is now dead. So I had to move my blog to something else. After much thought I have moved it back to my own colo using Chronicle as the blogging software.

Of course this may mean some of you get a load of repeat entries. Sorry

With chronicle I made my own theme. I also improved the way they do stuff. It has always baffled me that people use templating engines yet dont make use of includes for site furniture like the header, footer and sidebar. So I added these

7th January 2008

8th January 2008

I've had a svn repo for a while. Today I installed SVN::Web which gives a useful web interface to it. For example you can see other revisions than the current one. My Repository via SVN::Web.

One reason why i did this is that it gives a RSS feed of the revision log. This means I can use RSS FWD to get commit messages in my email without having to mess with commit hooks.

Tags: email, perl, rss, svn, web.

10th August 2009

The first perl 5.10.1 release candidate was released the other day. As mst says if you don't test it now and it breaks for you when its released its your fault. As a good cpan tester I've added it to my testing setup.

Since I care about OpenGuides for the Randomness Guide to London I made sure to submit a test report for it.

While I was doing this I also added perl 5.8.9 to my setup. I also changed my setup slightly by pre-installing Moose and Catalyst since thats what all the cool perl programmers are using these days. Since installing and testing their dependency chains was burning a lot of cpu, time and bandwidth every time a new module based on them was updated or added to CPAN